As a leading provider of taxi and shuttle transportation, Waivin Flags Taxi takes pride in offering the best service possible. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers every day and will go above and beyond to ensure you have an enjoyable trip. With four years of the best taxi service in the North Island region, we promise to always be here for you.

Customized Service

Get the transportation you or your group require, all at affordable prices. Most of our business comes from tourists looking to get the most out of this slice of paradise, and our employees are more than happy to assist in that venture. Our drivers generally take the scenic route when transporting our clients so they can see the landmarks, whale watching sites, trails, and other activities they can participate in. During the trip, we’ll also recommend restaurants, hotels, shops, and other recreational hotspots for people to check out.

As well as tourists, we transport various groups, such as kayak parties, recreational sailors, hikers, family reunion excursions, wedding parties, school groups, and more. Call us today to schedule a precise pickup or drop-off any time of the day or night. As well, Waivin Flags Taxi also handles parcel deliveries.

Port Hardy Taxi Number: 250-230-8294
Campbell River Taxi Number: 250-287-8294

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